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The Perfect, Kid Friendly Guacamole Recipe
February 22, 2017 at 6:29 am 0
Does your household celebrate taco Tuesday? Turkey tacos and guacamole is a constant in our house. One of my biggest cravings that I had when pregnant with Willow was avocados. It's no wonder that she also loves them! As a Mom, I really appreciate finding easy recipes that I know the whole family can enjoy. I snagged this 5 minute recipe from one of my best girl friends, India and it has remained a favorite for the last several years. You can really make it two ways, one for your children to enjoy and one with a kick of jalapeños that really gives it a spicy kick.

Gather your ingredients:

4 Ripe Avocados (press them gently, they should give a little)

1/4 red onion, finely chopped

1/2 vine tomato, finely chopped

1/2 lemon




  1. Cut Avocados in half, remove the pit. Score the inside of the avocado with a knife and scoop out the flesh with a spoon into a bowl. I mash the avocado just a bit, as I really like it stay chunky.
  2. Add chopped onion and tomatoes, mash again to mix.
  3. Squeeze half a lemon to add juice to guacamole and salt to taste. Mash again to mix.
  4. Serve immediately with your favorite chips, raw vegetables, or as a topping to your tacos! Enjoy!

*To make the spicy adult version, I add a 1/4 of a fresh, chopped jalapeño to step 2.

Photo Credit: Kate Hauschka Photography  
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Tub Time with The Beauty Kitchen
March 20, 2015 at 6:02 pm 0
The Beauty Kitchen Nothing is better than that after bath smell on your baby. As a confessed product hoarder I have tried many different soaps on Willow (thank goodness she doesn't have super sensitive skin!), and she is such a water baby she would live in the tub if I let her. I recently stumbled upon, The Beauty Kitchen, when I met the creator and owner, Heather Marianna. This lady is one Chic Mama. Heather has built this company on the belief that you can be "Spa fabulous without Spa prices". She makes incredible products for Mamas, and babies! Willow loved the Beauty Kitchen's "ABC's and 123's" kids soaps set.  Made with organic pure Shea butter, scents of Vanilla, Ice Cream, And Orange, it left Willow smelling beyond delicious and her skin was so soft. You can even custom order a set in your favorite scent and add essential oils (that will be my next purchase...I'm thinking of adding calming Lavender for Willow's bath before bed). As we all know baby products can really start to break the bank, and as Mamas we always feel the need to shell out cash for whatever is best for your baby. What I loved about this product is that the soaps really last through several baths (mine are still going) and they don't dry out or break. I really feel like you get more bang for your buck. Oh and since we all are convinced our babies are beyond advanced (in my eyes Willow is going to take over the world) who doesn't want to add a little learning to bath time fun. Every time Willow picks up a soap we go over the letter or number...genius!! My next purchase from the Beauty Kitchen, might have to be for Mama, she also has a monthly beauty box delivery service full of goodies! I see another product review in my future! 20150310_2015.03.11_ChicMamas_WEB_UD9A0927     The Beauty Kitchen     The Beauty Kitchen 20150310_2015.03.11_ChicMamas_WEB_UD9A0915   20150310_2015.03.11_ChicMamas_WEB_UD9A0905   20150310_2015.03.11_ChicMamas_WEB_UD9A0900   20150310_2015.03.11_ChicMamas_WEB_UD9A0991   Photo Credit: Kate Hauschka Photography Soap: c/o The Beauty Kitchen
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Friday Favorites with The Sili Squeeze and Munchie Mug
February 20, 2015 at 5:28 pm 1
Top Baby ProductsWe love finding new products for our little ones, especially those created and made by parents. Our Friday Favorites today are from two amazing companies, The Sili Company and The Munchie Mug. The Sili Company  was started by Kristen Ahmer, a Chic Mama that wanted to allow children to enjoy wholesome, nutrient-rich foods on the go. Thus the Sili Squeeze was born! The Sili Squeeze is the original reusable squeeze pouch that comes with  a spill-proof spout for children 6 months or a free-flowing spout perfect for toddlers 2 years and older. The products are made of durable silicone and 100% toxin-free materials. I love The Sili Squeeze because I can make my own organic, pureed food for Willow without having to run to the grocery store for the pre-made pouches. This way I know exactly what my baby is getting with each meal! Top Baby Products Top Baby Products   Photo Credit: Max Barsness Next on the list, The Munchie Mug! The creators of the Munchie Mug set out to create an actual spill proof snack cup for children. It is the only snack cup on the market to feature a soft fabric opening allowing easy access to snacks while preventing spills. This has quickly become Willow's favorite new accessory for her blueberries and puffs. She carries it everywhere around the house, in her stroller and car seat. The Munchie Mug is also BPA, Phthalate, Lead and PVC free. Top Baby Products   Top Baby Products Top Baby Products     Photo: Kate Hauschka Sili Squeeze: c/o The Sili Company Munchie Mug: c/o Munchie Mug
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Must Have Monday-Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics
December 8, 2014 at 3:44 pm 0
Most Chic Mamas all have a Sophie or two, the famous teething giraffe that is made of natural products. The company has been around for years, and prides themselves on making natural, and high quality products for baby, kids and parents. They just came out with Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics for baby! As parents we tend to over read labels to ensure nothing but the best ingredients touches our baby's skin. Check out the ingredients Sophie La Girafe uses in their Baby Hair and Body Wash: white tea that provides antioxidant protection to the skin and hair, lavender water and oat milk that provides gentle cleansing of even sensitive and allergy-prone skin, cotton that moisturizes and conditions, and coconut (odorless) with other plant sources that also gently cleanses and nourishes your baby's skin. I started using this on Willow, and actually got rid of the old bath products I was using. It has a light scent that leaves your baby smelling amazing. They make several different cosmetics, including baby face cream, baby protection cream, bubble bath,  baby lotion, and baby oil. The company makes a Sophie La Girafe Baby Starter Kit that gives each of the above products in a trial-sized packaging so you can try all of the cosmetics, its perfect for travel too!  This is a definite must have for your Holiday Wish List!! crhaf3dhpyo1lgqc-6bfj7c_qwv9itawgcc4eesqm8e al-tgptyjvcxaojcklsopw57cigrk_8ep3s0sruyge8 al-tgptyjvcxaojcklsopw57cigrk_8ep3s0sruyge8 ggghybpkrskcsv3cm5tdytjak7mnythj-3fkrm1y3-a   Photo Credit: Kate Haus Bath Products: c/o Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics Bath Towel: Pottery Barn Kids "Nursery Fur Critter Bath Wraps"
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Product Crush Alert-The Beauty Counter
September 19, 2014 at 2:39 pm 0
Like I have said before I have a thing for beauty products. We recently moved and there were way too many creams, lotions, toners, serums... you name it I had it. I...just...can't...help...myself! The chic mamas recently found a new line that we are crushin' on, and it made us rethink all those other products I mentioned above. The Beauty Counter is a company started by the chic mama, Ms. Renfrew. She started this line after noticing that companies were not mandated to tell consumers what ingredients were in beauty products, even when the ingredients contained carcinogens and other harmful additives. I read that most women apply as many as 10 beauty products before leaving for work in the morning, and each individual product can have a high amount of ingredients which really adds up. We tend to easily forget that our skin is our biggest organ and what goes on it, goes in! The Beauty Counter's mission states that women should never have to compromise their health for beauty. All products are safe, and non-toxic (they have a never list with all ingredients known to be harmful, found here http://www.beautycounter.com/the-never-list). In addition to the skin care line, they have make up, body products and a kids line! See my favorites here:   Nourishing Cleansing Balm- cleansing balm To be used nightly, massage balm into skin in circular motion to help improve circulation. Wipe clean with a warm cloth and rinse with cold water. This was awesome to remove makeup and clean!Photo via beautycounter.com Lustro Face Oil #2- faceoil This oil is light weight, yet I found it easily moisturized my skin for hours with only one or two drops. Its packed with antioxidants and is ideal for dry, tired skin (hello I'm a mom...sign me up) photo via beautycounter.com   Glow Sugar Scrub- bodyscrub Buff away dead skin cells with this brown sugar scrub, it smells incredible and leaves your skin feeling so soft. I liked to use this scrub to exfoliate prior to shaving, worked like a charm to get rid of any dead skin. Photo via bueatycounter.com   Kidscounter Squeaky Clean Body Wash- kidssqueaky This body wash left Willow's skin feeling clean, and moisturized as it's ingredients contain essential oils and fruit extracts. Photo via beautycounter.com Oh and how cute are their totes! #knoweverything beautycounter1 beautycounter2 Totes Photo Credit: www.katehaus.com Products and Tote: c/o Beauty Counter www.beautycounter.com Want more reviews on non-toxic, eco-friendly beauty products, check out our friends over at www.pinkkale.com. They cover all things green  and we love browsing their beauty tips, products, reviews, looks, etc.      
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