December 2014

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Must Have Monday-Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics
December 8, 2014 at 3:44 pm 0
Most Chic Mamas all have a Sophie or two, the famous teething giraffe that is made of natural products. The company has been around for years, and prides themselves on making natural, and high quality products for baby, kids and parents. They just came out with Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics for baby! As parents we tend to over read labels to ensure nothing but the best ingredients touches our baby's skin. Check out the ingredients Sophie La Girafe uses in their Baby Hair and Body Wash: white tea that provides antioxidant protection to the skin and hair, lavender water and oat milk that provides gentle cleansing of even sensitive and allergy-prone skin, cotton that moisturizes and conditions, and coconut (odorless) with other plant sources that also gently cleanses and nourishes your baby's skin. I started using this on Willow, and actually got rid of the old bath products I was using. It has a light scent that leaves your baby smelling amazing. They make several different cosmetics, including baby face cream, baby protection cream, bubble bath,  baby lotion, and baby oil. The company makes a Sophie La Girafe Baby Starter Kit that gives each of the above products in a trial-sized packaging so you can try all of the cosmetics, its perfect for travel too!  This is a definite must have for your Holiday Wish List!! crhaf3dhpyo1lgqc-6bfj7c_qwv9itawgcc4eesqm8e al-tgptyjvcxaojcklsopw57cigrk_8ep3s0sruyge8 al-tgptyjvcxaojcklsopw57cigrk_8ep3s0sruyge8 ggghybpkrskcsv3cm5tdytjak7mnythj-3fkrm1y3-a   Photo Credit: Kate Haus Bath Products: c/o Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics Bath Towel: Pottery Barn Kids "Nursery Fur Critter Bath Wraps"
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Chic Baby
Meet Sophie
December 3, 2014 at 7:03 pm 2
Baby Dresses - The Chic Mamas Sophie Isabella Ryan was born October 3rd, 2012 perfectly healthy weighing in at 8 lbs, 7.4 ounces. Her birth had zero complications and her mom had the perfect pregnancy, doing everything right by way of diet and constant checkups with her OB. On June 20th, 2013 Sophie had her first MRI scan after nystagmus presented in her left eye, and on June 23rd at 8 ½ months old Sophie was diagnosed with a low-grade, Optic Pathway Glioma brain tumor. Sophie’s parents, Tracy and Josh, were originally told that her only option would we a 13-month protocol of chemo in hopes to stop the development of the tumor. Since it is a slow-growing tumor, chemo was never meant to get rid of the tumor, and doctors told Tracy and Josh, if they saw even minimal shrinkage it would be considered a huge success. At this point,  after succumbing to an emotionally devastating situation, the Ryan's decided to dust themselves off and look for other ways to save their daughter outside of just Western medicine alone! After creating a Facebook page for their daughter called Prayers for Sophie, a friend on Facebook put them in touch with Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein who were filming a documentary about how cannabis oils kills cancer in pediatric patients. Sophie's mom was originally inspired to try for a natural birth after watching their first documentary "The Business of Being Born" so she knew if these ladies were now focused on a film about cannabis, there had to be something to it! These women worked hard to surround the Ryan's with the top oil makers and experts in California, and so their journey to healing their daughter began! See Tracy, Josh and baby Sophie in the "Weed for People" documentary here: http://youtu.be/SDFEw5vUQLk Sophie has been on high concentrated THC and CBD cannabis oil since she started chemo in October of 2013. The only side effects she ever had was a little sleepiness that completely went away as she acclimated to the oils.  Now her only side effect is hunger, which is amazing since the chemo can affect her appetite. Despite several rounds of chemo Sophie continued to gain weight and has a great quality of life despite having chemo once a week with short breaks from time to time.  Her hair has grown back, she is advancing developmentally, and despite the 9 blood transfusions she has required she is otherwise very happy and healthy After 12 months of chemo and high doses of cannabis oil, Sophie’s brain tumor is about 80-85% gone, and a massive cyst that had formed is about 90% gone! Sophie’s parents were told that chemo would also not get rid of the cyst. Tracy and Josh were told that Sophie would go blind in her left eye and her right eye would likely be compromised. Because of the shrinkage they have seen from the use of cannabis they have saved her vision, and their doctors are now in agreement that the cannabis oil has destroyed her tumor! The only challenge she has is a lazy eye that they are working on correcting. From what the doctors can tell she can see extremely well, and has had zero complications due to sight loss with the exception of a lazy eye that they are correcting by patching her strong eye. b2G1m1uqhbSGokyoQSIQ2mlXFr6zD0wI_8glzeUgjxU,gdN8K5-vpryL1ntl0FZPCCkXh-RbZha2m5fyWLKcGrg,pc9Ve8911GEGTQQwanP2z61JuiURraFzsSunk881FxI   LoNkzAiAbog2__Nm921Sm2XRslYyTWTr7sBFl4jOjEc,VEgN3056Gbx3YpGzuBDUyDm3Nhda2Dk9FBPhkYAiCsg,ALhTwEx0kG58ikheurYuIh05TSFvIsjmKBBQpMT7Iys   2QUGOzY1tfmqAmNiDr9C4KIyoMKHyC5covEnKobjWcw,azfhSJKw1rec8Dl9S2ar9t6xZmYXtKy0UWrK6kh56MA,-VpWv7xY0T3gRfVukVr3KlXyNO8vhD25V2FdixjJwVM,mmrFrd4dzb9ilNf0IrQjTCmQs5ENUShvAMIzjVxAEXU   3QdaIlT0oy8Ko2_x0J-5XMKYmLjzq85dMb4fnwansac,mqx1Ahg9bMZwNmI-kr_bNwWvLrtwilsJOHH91c_MuiM,dKESAqORuZi8ht6EhmeZavtMYaTTqFiIAb-Wq86ax6M Team Sophie truly,truly believes that they will completely get rid of this tumor, and Sophie will not have to live with a mass in her brain for the rest of her life. Sophie just finished her last round of chemotherapy on November 20th and is awaiting a MRI in December to evaluate her progress. In addition to Sophie’s success, her mother Tracy, is working with dozens of other patients directly affected by cancer, epilepsy and other childhood illnesses by informing them of the beneficial uses of cannabis oil. She is seeing incredible success with the children she’s guiding. Three different doctors told one child, that has a brain stem tumor, that chemo would not work and they could not save her life. A few months after reaching a medicinal cannabis dose, the parents opted to try chemo even though doctors said it would not shrink her tumor. After only 10 weeks of using cannabis and chemo the tumor is now 50% gone! The doctors are stunned and this small child who is only 3 now has a shot at living a long and healthy life. One that would have been indefinitely been cut short had cannabis not been introduced into her protocol. Tracy is a truly incredible and chic mama, that has put together different social media sites where families of loved ones affected by different diseases can come to find resources and research to help treat their diseases. She has started facebook pages where parents can find support, advice and comforting words to help them through difficult times. Children and adults around the globe are saving their own lives using cannabis, and cannabis with chemo combined. Unfortunately, there are 100s of thousands of sick people in states that can’t access this medicine. It’s stories like little Sophie’s that needs to be spread far and wide so more lives can be saved. Time is of the essence, and spreading awareness would be an amazing step in the right direction! To learn more about the Ryan's and to help support Sophie please visit their Go Fund Me and Booster pages below: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/prayers-for-sophie/176264 http://www.booster.com/prayers-for-sophie EhIdnGHlvl83o9GsvASI_5klWTUApGlyjbniiCdwnNY,2RcHzrNCezNubiLuRfFyRNQBnJeVqp1d24G36bXAOtY,mw1j29s1OCs69rZmOVuJUbFiqntyAjPCY0I3ik7ql6A   Photo Credit: www.katehaus.com Websites for Sophie: www.facebook.com/prayersforsophie https://www.facebook.com/RylandPharms   The Chic Mamas would like to thank all of the companies that donated items for a gift bag for the Ryan's. 20141103_2014.11.03_ChicMamasBlog_WebSelects_UD9A8680 Owl Mask: Opposite of Far www.oppositeoffar.com "Are You Kitten Me Right Meow" Tee and Pillow: www.littlebowandarrowshop.com 7vrYbqK_rJSlBUOcOK0JW4PF3Ht-knAXeJTL7bkOhXc,NaE7kNmoGybzCC0uIlTBfRrdl2ig8idUBKDjg5RbPI8,7XGUEQcRfhdQg1B-3sX3-hwwMMRlpv4JWovJ4Xth_zk,LnNOeOPYtz264CGyo99yPDk37Li_yDbbr3Ns3GcJWvw Sign: From Kelly with Love www.etsy.com/shop/fromkellywithlove yMdMFttSOQjEKqkc5daeTHX3MPTyGCb5yoLM1dU_S_k,bxikCNBY7XfQT-gPmztivbDzL54hnnIC7WVFHSE--cI,Qr64Mtr3l4FfM6VcIzdsLbBL1QEVKw0biUVe99FprFY,OInm7pRnX0rH2tr6KfFXPlojrYt37uLU6JcoRFQJvIM,4lMpsIOafDCzE-62GfQwnOtqfp_Owfni8SPrvcpyhWQ-2   Fox Mask: Opposite of Far www.oppositeoffar.com Hello Tee: Hello Apparel www.helloapparelstore.com Navy Pearl Moccs: Sweet n Swag www.sweetnswag.com Lion Necklace: Gunner and Lux www.gunnerandlux.com wzMu6haSjsnZBLPTEguvOb0fTqXYlLSpuh7cVtyfGWU,JxovhAwkUppMt8vCFT32t3pQ7eOq_26UMDqsvlPIni8,BjynholoKPb_2nEyLpEGD6x6Mk1W2lq8UsroZmZaFoc   Travel Essentials and Men's Essentials Pack: 3 Fl Oz www.3floz.com Jeans: Schoen by Yu www.schoenbyyu.com dwZ9bx28u74dGmuD8QM3Y4z-SyFXhfdcLah31OPXJQo,Qk1uAlnyOWUApNZVhIBtXhhnGWLFGDO8MQ9raNdkk5k,XJMXdddrTOdVnAYn9xIVPZT03Elrp_HaDs5TAAWIcF8,Is5-cUupO5FZQTdLIbIQBUh5TnCKswAbyRCO4ibRlN4   "In My Prime" Tee: Finomenon Kids www.finomenonkids.com image-4   "Warrior Princess" Muscle Tee and Floral Leggings: 7 Day Weekend www.etsy.com/shop/7DayWeekend  
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